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About The Superhero Experience

Inspire a new generation to thrive in an evolving world through the conscious use and awareness of their inner power.


The Steps to Becoming a Superhero

Discover the potential of a healthy self-esteem through the powerful transformational tools of Positive Affirmations that change self-talk, Visualizations that inspire and allow you to have a clear vision of the future you want to create, and Meditations that balance mind and body with all the proven benefits of wellbeing! Discover and learn these powerful tools with our ludic, game-based Methodology, which includes lots of FUNtivities, Missions, and tons of POWords (our powerful vocabulary) that build positive habits!

When a child discovers his/her abilities to reach their full potential, they can change the trajectory of their lives.

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  • Superhero Programs

    “The children showed interest in carrying out the activities, they like playing games, meditation, and dynamics.”

    Cancún, México.

  • Superhero Programs

    “I wrote I am extraordinary, cool and generous because I want to stay generous, extraordinary and cool.”

    United States

  • Superhero Programs

    “The material and strategies that provided have helped strengthen social skills and respect among students.”

    Cancún, México.

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